St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary




"Enrichment is the enhancement of the life of a child during their time at school. The purpose of Enrichment is to improve the experiences of the learning process." 

St Andrew’s have always emphasised and valued breadth and depth in the school curriculum and provided many creative opportunities to enhance learning, The ethos of the school is to develop the whole child and provide enriched learning to enable children to develop curiosity, channel their interest and really enjoy their time at school.

The Arts, outside learning, practical and hands on experiences are all part of the enriched curriculum – children have real opportunities to explore, talk about and engage.


Key Stage1 Enrichment vision

  • Develop wider circles of friendships across the Key Stage phase, bringing children together to extend friendships and have positive peer role models. This impacts on behaviour and positive play. Children are provided with experiences that develop collaborative learning and life skills.
  • Provide all pupils with an opportunity to develop curiosity, awe, wonder and questioning through real life experiences, visits to other institutions and working together with and learning from experts.

Key stage 2 Enrichment vision

  • We believe that enrichment opportunities extend the range of educational experiences for our children. We aim for our enrichment activities to broaden horizons, helping them to discover develop new and existing skills, try new experiences and to promote their growing love of learning. The children will be inspired to apply their talents and skills to different contexts, work with different children across different year groups and enhance real world links to the curriculum.