St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary


Religious Education

As a Church of England Voluntary Aided School, the teaching of Religious Education is governed by the Trust Deed drawn up when the school was founded. This is currently interpreted in a way that gives status to Christianity but also promotes respect, understanding and tolerance of other principal religions. We do this by following the Hertfordshire agreed syllabus for the teaching of Religious Education.

As a Church School we have a duty and responsibility, therefore, to educate children in the understanding of the Christian faith and its values. Part of our Christian commitment is that we also promote a respect for, and an understanding of, the major religions represented in the school. This is developed through our daily acts of worship, direct teaching in the classroom and the daily pattern of school life. We enjoy regular contacts with the Christian community, its clergy and churches, and have links with other places of worship.

The Religious Education curriculum is presented in a series of themes designed to link with other work where appropriate. As the children progress through the school it is intended they develop a good understanding of the role of religion in people’s lives, with particular reference to Christianity.

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