St Andrew's C of E (VA) Primary




Worship Acolytes

The Worship Acolytes consist of a team of 8 members – 4 pupils each from Year 4 and Year 5.  The Worship Acolytes meet weekly with the Worship Leader and termly with Fr Ian.  The role of the Worship Acolyte has developed to reflect greater responsibility such as evaluating all types of worship at school and taking an active role during whole school worship and also when we attend services at Holy Saviour.  Together with Fr Ian and the Worship Leader, the Worship Acolytes work with class teachers to plan whole school worship through drama and music.

The Worship Acolytes are learning about different approaches such as attending a Taize event in Stevanage.  We are building very positive relationships with Worship Acolytes at St Mary’s in St Neots and we are looking forward to a Spring-term Spiritual Project with them.  We hope to create links with other local schools such as St Mary’s in Baldock where we will be modelling worship and sharing our practice and vision.  At St Andrew’s we will be developing prayer spaces both indoors and outside for children to reflect, pray and contemplate.